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over worked, under paid, rockaholics . . .
KP, Mr. Les Moore, Freezer, The Vicsta

It's Spring Fling!Anyone?

"What the ???  A party???  I'll kill ya" - Bill Murray
The Crave is an Indy Party/Cover band.   No mistake, we're a rock band:  We cover Bowie, Bush, Petty, Toadies, Ramones, U2, Jet, Green Day, LIT, Stones, Allman's - get the idea?. 
We play cool songs . . . not the same tired songs you hear over and over  . . . Okay, we're cool that a lot of people like the tired songs, and we do play them, but let's at least have a little fun while we're at it, shall we?  
It's your band for the night - Private parties, festivals, graduation, corporate gigs, you name it . . . you want to sing?  Cool.   You want to play?   Dig it!
What do say, "Rockstar?" 
Who were those guys?

Here's some clips . . .

Okay, you've probably heard these clips . . .  check us out live.  It's not KP on the bass ... he knocks that %@&#  out of the park and it's not the Vicsta on drums - I knew you knew that - you decide how long you want to wait for downloads.  

For Your Love - 1.1MB

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle - 414K

Bound for the Floor - Local H 1.9MB

U2 - I Will Follow 540KB

Comments?  Booking info? 
Damian Freeze  888-889-3538