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Scheduled Events

How do I hire you guys?
Don't forget, for bookings, contact Damian Freeze (cool name, huh?) at 888-889-3538 or shoot me an e-mail at
Don't like the band you have scheduled?  Book us!
The "dreaded" last minute cancellation?  Call us! 
Need a rock solid alibi?  Negotiable . . .

             Now booking . . .
         Dates for 2011! Dig it!
                First of all, thanks to all our fans!  
The Crave, is back at it hard and heavy for the rest of the year - we know you can't wait to hear the Marshall's!  Dedicating 2011 to Mr. Marshall himself, Les Moore!   Hurry up and get better!
              We're still booking . . . shoot us a date and we'll do yours!
2/7/10          Moon Dog Tavern
                 February gotcha blue?
                 Get some "Fire in the Dog House Wings!"
3/21/10       Moon Dog Tavern!
                 You know you want to . . .
4/25/10        Moon Dog Tavern
                 Party with the Amazing Leslie! 
                 Those Crave boys are such nice boys!
5/2/10          Moon Dog Tavern 
                 Kicking off the Summer Concert Series! 
                 Oh, Yeah!
Always more dates to come!   Keep checking back!  

There is a $200 cancellation fee for all cancelled events.