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Make song requests at the gig and if you're HOT, can sing, and know all the words - wait . . . scratch that .  . . if you're HOT, can't sing, don't know a single word, you can sing with us all night long.
Sorry, momentary lapse . . .

Ring of Fire                                  Social Distortion
Bound for the Floor                       Local H
Runaway                                      Del Shannon
Seasons of Wither                         Aerosmith
Hey Jealousy                                Gin Blossoms
Runnin' Down a Dream                 Tom Petty
Orange Crush                               REM
For Your Love                               Yardbirds
Jumpin' Jack Flash                       Rolling Stones
Lipstick & Briuses                         Lit
All the Small Things                      Blink 182
Basket Case                                 Greenday
Fire                                              Jimi Hendrix
Bang a Gong                                 T-Rex
Blood & Roses                              The Smithereens
The Middle                                   Jimmy Eat World
Heroes                                         The Wallflowers
Mary Janes Last Dance                  Tom Petty
What I Like About You                  The Romantics
Cherry                                         Niel Diamond
Last Kiss                                      Pearl Jam
Cocaine                                        Eric Clapton
Cumbersome                                7 Mary 3
Two Tickets to Paradise                 Eddie Money
I Wanna be Sedated                     The Ramones
Rebel, Rebel                                 David Bowie
Love Light                                    Mitch Ryder
Rock & Roll                                  Led Zeppelin
Machine Head                               Bush
Gel                                              Collective Soul
I Come From the Water                 The Toadies
Rockin' in the Free World              Neil Young
Got You Where I Want You            The Flys
How's it Gonna Be                        Third Eye Blind
Waitin' on the Bus                          ZZ Top
Jesus Just left Chicago                    ZZ Top
The Vines                                      Get Free
U2                                                 I Will Follow
Stone Temple Pilots                       Sex Type Thing
Here Comes Your Man                    The Pixies
Bad Luck                                      Social Distortion
Down                                           Social Burn


Here are a bunch more songs we have learned and forgotten (like a half dozen times already) because she said, "Ooo . . I really want to hear . . . "  
C'mon, people . . . do I really look like an elephant?
You can't even remember your own name on your ID. 
What's your address ???  Ummm . . . What year were you born?  Er . . . uhh.
Should I stay or should I go             Clash
Everlong                                                Foo Fighters
Birth, School, Work, Death              Godfathers
Perfectly Good Guitar                John Hiatt
Let Love Rule                                   Lenny Kravitz
Jesses' Girl                                               Rick Springfield
I feel Fine                                          Riddlin Kids
Bad Case of Lovin' You             Robert Palmer
Last Night                                          The Strokes
When Will We Fall Down                          Toad the Wet Sprocket
Jenny, Jenny (867-5309)                    Tommy Tutone
She Hates Me                             Puddle of Mud

Are you still reading this? 
"Good God, man.  Book us, already, jeeze."  - Vicsta